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"Company is from Charlotte, America!" Is not something that you often hear in the fashion industry. But JohnnyFly Co. is proud of her native Charlotte. an environmentally friendly fashion company that grows fast and produces unique items. The focus of each item is on the unique design and the fact that no 2 items are the same because of the natural way of producing. The product lines now consist of sunglasses and bags.

All sunglasses are made from completely durable materials, from the frames of acetate (compressed cotton) to the ecological wooden legs. Since 2015, a line of leather bags has been added, made without the use of chemicals. All materials are recycled and colored with salt water, tree bark and sunlight.

Our polarized TAC lens is designed for the best viewing experience and polarized vision. Polarized lenses eliminate glare and ensure a quiet viewing experience. In addition, they display colors more beautifully and with more contrast. As soon as you use a polarized lens, you notice the difference. Our lenses can measure up to the quality of the most expensive sunglasses brands. They have an extra hard coating to prevent scratches and block 99% of harmful UV rays up to 400 nanometers (UV400).

Speaking of sustainability; every Johnny Fly glasses comes with a bamboo wooden storage case for your glasses. Also with a storage cover, which also serves as a cleaning cloth.


The leather bags from JohnnyFly are produced by hand. The leather is obtained in a sustainable way and no paint or chemicals are used in the production. Each bag is unique and guarantees years of pleasure.

Here at the Fly Factory we want our products to last as long as you do. So we have invested in the best materials for our bag line. Our leather bags are made of strong and durable leather, the buckles are made of corrosion-free copper and the inner lining of denim with a waterproof wax. The whole thing is sewn by hand to create a beautiful bag that can grow old with you.

All JohnnyFly bags are produced without the use of chemicals or paint. Instead, an age-old method is used whereby the leather is dried with salt and sunlight.

The Hunter or Oil Pull Up finish that we use is processed in such a way that the bags get a unique vintage / antique look. That means that every bag gets its own identity and no 2 bags are the same. The bag will become darker, smoother and more beautiful over time.

Every step of the production process is sustainable and well thought out, so that we can rightly speak of "eco-fashion".



Fraenck Leather


♥ Social: We employ people who are dependent on government welfare. At Fraenck they learn important skills that bring them further and closer to the labor market.
♣ Sustainable: Fraenck uses upcycled and recycled materials and designs a well made collection with them. Vegan leather from a Dutch manufacturer, sailcloth from a local sailmaker and also discarded seat belts. Even the logo is made of stainless steel cutting waste.

"Lightweight, but extremely strong. Water-repellent and easy to keep clean. In all sizes and shapes - there is something in between for everyone and every occasion.

We work with vegan & upcycled material. And we are quite proud of that. We believe in the limitless possibilities of company remnants and turn it into a sturdy bag collection.


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The Holland Bag 




We have been working every day for over 56 years with great passion and experience on our family business. We still make each bag by hand and from our workshop in Kaatsheuvel.
We have been working with our regular tannery in Italy for years, which provides us with the best and most beautiful leather from Italy. The leather is tanned with vegetable extracts and finished with natural oils. With this quality leather we make your bag with passion and experience.


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Stylish backpacks from Canada with laptop compartment. Ideal for everyday use for study, city trips, work and holidays. Light weight, made from solid materials. Ready to discover the world with you




The Original +. This is the upgraded Original model from TruBlue due to the leather straps, leather handle and the metal logo. View all different designs and discover your favorite personal design.


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Solitary socks are a thing of the past.
Finally, if it depends on Zokk'n, the new Belgian brand that puts on the market individual socks combinable.
By choosing a name from West Flanders, this entrepreneur is referring to her roots and her preference for local and European production.
Game changer and sustainable concept, made with luxurious materials,
in collaboration with proud professionals.

Italian merino wool, knitted in Portugal.
The hand-bound toe and Zokk'n's knitted structure on a true rib knitting machine provide all the comfort for the feet: no finger irritation and adequate natural elasticity for the calves.

We start the collection with five references:
mix and match Bertha, Julienne, Sylvain, Omer and Walter



Why do we sell by the piece? Why not ? If you have lost a sock, you can order it again. Or you can make a mix and make a match with the other Zokk'n. All colors touch each other perfectly! So creative feet, feet pressed, lazy feet, .... often carry two different references, or not ...

A pair of socks costs € 22, but we sell our Zokk'n by sock. So, at 11 €.




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Sock my feet



Sock My Feet is a Dutch brand Man Woman and was born to make a difference in the -overall- boring sock landscape. Sock My Feet offers an endless variation of socks with a high-quality photoprint. All our socks are made from mercerized, Egyptian cotton and feel silky soft.
With these rebellious socks, anyone can make a statement without being over the top. A sock that provokes a "what the f" response in a positive way. A prerequisite is that the photo print always remains sharp, even when worn and after frequent washing, a sock that is breathable and comfortable. That is how the new Sock My Feet® brand was created.




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Oh Oh Socks



Do you know that feeling? You face an almost empty sock drawer in the morning and have limited options. Yet again the safe black variant? Those socks with crazy print are actually just too much for today.
White socks, sport socks, sneaker socks, ankle socks, stockings, crazy socks, boring socks. So many socks, so many wishes. Welcome to Oh Oh Socks. We are a Dutch start-up with a simple mission: to give you the opportunity to add personality to one of your daily basics.
Because let's be honest: you wear socks 365 days a year. Why wouldn't you make a party of it?
With Oh Oh Socks you give your outfit a twist. Whether you wear a suit every day or in a doctor's outfit: with our socks you can make your outfit a whole lot more festive. All our socks are designed to start your day cheerfully. Plus: they are also incredibly comfortable.
Oh Oh Socks are the must have for the modern man!
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